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Ad-Insight is the most complete advertising pre-test model in the market. By applying the Ad-Insight system, a complete and accurate diagnostic for an advertising spot or printed ad is obtained.

Main competitive advantages: 

1. Measures ad performance in a precise and complete manner.

Does it sell what intends to?

Does the brand stand out?(sub-brand, variant).

Does it communicate a relevant message?

It measures communication approach and style:

Emotional? Attention drawing? Humorous? Informative?

2. TV realism:

Simulates a TV  audience / Replicates the daily TV viewing experience.

3. Normative data bank:

It allows comparing the results of a TV commercial with other commercials of the same category (and even sub-category).

Specialized norms:

Animatics / Finished
Adults / Children

4. PC application platforms

Minimiz es human error.
Speed in all stages of the process.

5. Internationally validated methodology.

15 years of experience in Mexico.

6. Speedy survey and delivery of results.

Delivery of results in 2 weeks after approval.

Main measures flash, next day after fieldwork is finished.


A quali-quant system designed to investigate consumer reactions to early creative. It identifies strengths and weaknesses of strategy, message and execution via extensive probing and verbatim responses. It is ideal for studying early creative approaches, thereby allowing for refinement prior to committing to expensive animatic or pre-finished commercials.


This children's copy test provides far more accurate data than previous methods do. While most standardized children's copy tests are modifications of adult instruments, KID*COM is designed, written and oriented for children. There are pictures and other visual aids to hold kids' shorter attention spans, and child-friendly wording they can understand without getting frustrated. The interviews are fun, and truer responses to advertising are elicited from the children. In addition to evaluative measures, KID*COM looks at the image created for the brand by the advertising, and identifies strengths and weaknesses of the ad.


Magazine advertising efficiency is easily evaluated and diagnosed with PRINT*CHEK. This comprehensive research system provides insights on how consumers of all age groups perceive, process and experience print advertising. Administered in a mall setting, PRINT*CHEK eliminates the limitations and weaknesses of traditional print testing systems by utilizing a proprietary magazine for full control in a realistic exposure format. A magazine is created specifically for the demographic group being targeted, with age-appropriate visuals, wording and subject matter.


AD*TRAK utilizes personal interviews and extensive diagnostics to measure the awareness levels of current campaigns, and identify the impact of individual campaign elements. AD*TRAK also offers early indications of wear-out, providing highly accurate data that becomes a compass for future creative development.